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{"schema":"libjg2-1", "vpath":"/git/", "avatar":"/git/avatar/", "alang":"en-US,en;q\u003d0.5", "gen_ut":1594303392, "reponame":"libwebsockets", "desc":"libwebsockets lightweight C networking library", "owner": { "name": "Andy Green", "email": "", "md5": "c50933ca2aa61e0fe2c43d46bb6b59cb" },"url":"", "f":3, "items": [ {"schema":"libjg2-1", "cid":"7534f3f631cc19439b0f6b7b7562e80a", "oid":{ "oid": "1be6b4d075e63cbe9d4c4f9696a0a7647c475068", "alias": [ "refs/heads/master"]},"blobname": "READMEs/release-checklist", "blob": "Release Checklist\n-----------------\n\n1) non-CI QA\n \n a) valgrind test servers + client + browser\n\n2) soname bump?\n\n a) We need one if we added / changed / removed apis\n\n - CMakeLists.txt\n\n set(SOVERSION \u00226\u0022)\n\n - scripts/libwebsockets.spec\n\n -/%{_libdir}/\n +/%{_libdir}/\n\n3) changelog\n\n a) Add next version tag header.\n\n b) Classify as\n\n - NEW\n - CHANGE\n - REMOVE\n\n4) main version bump\n\n - CMakeLists.txt\n\n set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_MAJOR \u00221\u0022)\n set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_MINOR \u00226\u0022)\n set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH \u00220\u0022)\n\n5) specfile\n\n a) rpm version bump to match CMake one\n\n scripts/libwebsockets.spec\n\n Version: 1.6.0\n\n b) Summarize changelog\n\n scripts/libwebsockets.spec\n\n%changelog\n* Sun Jan 17 2016 Andrew Cooks \\u003e 1.6.4-1\n- Bump version to 1.6.4\n- MINOR fix xyz\n\n c) Use -DLWS_WITH_DISTRO_RECOMMENDED\u003d1 then make package and adapt the .spec\n to match the file list\n\n6) Announce latest version on\n\n7) Make sure all new READMEs and public headers are in libwebsockets.dox\n\n8) signed tag\n\n git tag -s vX.Y[.Z]\n\n9) git\n\n a) push\n \n b) final CI check, if fail delete tag, kill pushed tags, restart flow\n\n10) website\n\n a) update latest tag for release branch\n\n11) post-relase version bump\n\nBump the PATCH part of the version to 99\n\n-set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH \u00220\u0022)\n+set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH \u002299\u0022)\n\nto reflect it's newer than any stable release but not a new version yet.\n\n","s":{"c":1594303392,"u": 190}} ],"g": 1231,"chitpc": 0,"ehitpc": 0,"indexed":0 , "ab": 1, "si": 0, "db":0, "di":0, "sat":0, "lfc": "0000"}