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{"schema":"libjg2-1", "vpath":"/git/", "avatar":"/git/avatar/", "alang":"en-US,en;q\u003d0.5", "gen_ut":1670189422, "reponame":"libwebsockets", "desc":"libwebsockets lightweight C networking library", "owner": { "name": "Andy Green", "email": "", "md5": "c50933ca2aa61e0fe2c43d46bb6b59cb" },"url":"", "f":3, "items": [ {"schema":"libjg2-1", "cid":"dd48b19df674853242f9460ea31ba30a", "oid":{ "oid": "ec6d5ac6d58d92ac8c1a3d769d076cabd6aa4ac1", "alias": [ "refs/heads/main"]},"blobname": "READMEs/release-checklist", "blob": "Release Checklist\n-----------------\n\n1) non-CI QA\n \n a) valgrind test servers + client + browser\n\n2) soname bump?\n\n a) We need one if we added / changed / removed apis\n\n - CMakeLists.txt\n\n set(SOVERSION \u00226\u0022)\n\n - scripts/libwebsockets.spec\n\n -/%{_libdir}/\n +/%{_libdir}/\n\n3) changelog\n\n a) Add next version tag header.\n\n b) Classify as\n\n - NEW\n - CHANGE\n - REMOVE\n\n4) main version bump\n\n - CMakeLists.txt\n\n set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_MAJOR \u00221\u0022)\n set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_MINOR \u00226\u0022)\n set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH \u00220\u0022)\n\n5) Announce latest version on\n\n6) Make sure all new READMEs and public headers are in libwebsockets.dox\n\n7) signed tag\n\n git tag -s vX.Y[.Z]\n\n8) git\n\n a) push\n \n b) final CI check, if fail delete tag, kill pushed tags, restart flow\n\n9) website\n\n a) update latest tag for release branch\n\n10) post-relase version bump\n\nBump the PATCH part of the version to 99\n\n-set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH \u00220\u0022)\n+set(CPACK_PACKAGE_VERSION_PATCH \u002299\u0022)\n\nto reflect it's newer than any stable release but not a new version yet.\n\n","s":{"c":1668992181,"u": 398}} ],"g": 1240,"chitpc": 0,"ehitpc": 0,"indexed":0 , "ab": 0, "si": 0, "db":0, "di":0, "sat":0, "lfc": "7d0a"}