Lightweight C library for HTML5 websockets
Libwebsockets API introduction

Libwebsockets covers a lot of interesting features for people making embedded servers or clients

  • HTTP(S) serving and client operation
  • HTTP/2 support for serving and client operation
  • WS(S) serving and client operation
  • HTTP(S) apis for file transfer and upload
  • HTTP 1 + 2 POST form handling (including multipart / file upload)
  • cookie-based sessions
  • account management (including registration, email verification, lost pw etc)
  • strong SSL / TLS PFS support (A+ on SSLlabs test)
  • ssh server integration
  • serving gzipped files directly from inside zip files, without conversion
  • support for linux, bsd, windows etc... and very small nonlinux targets like ESP32

Please note you just need in include libwebsockets.h. It includes all the individual includes in /usr/include/libwebsockets/ itself.

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A collection of READMEs for build, coding, lwsws etc are here