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Tips about CMake

Don't be afraid to nuke your build dir

CMake likes to cache options and other things in the build dir... if you stop asserting the state of something like -DMY_OPTION=1, then the last way it was set it cached. On order to keep track of what you have set and not set, it's very advisable to explicitly keep all your options and set them all on one cmake line.

Then, when you meet a situation you changed something but somehow cmake is sticking with what it knew before, you can fearlessly delete your build dir and create a new one with your explicit config.

On Linux, it's usually enough to delete CMakeCache.txt to trigger it to config from the start again, but on, eg, windows, it isn't, for whatever reason it literally needs the build dir removing.

CMake presence tests that fail

Lws makes use of various CMake features to figure out what apis your libraries offer, eg, OpenSSL has many different apis based on version, lws knows how to work around most of the changes, but to do it it must find out what apis are available first on your build environment.

CMake basically builds little throwaway test programs using each api in turn, and if it builds, it understands that the api was available and sets a preprocessor symbol that's available in the main build accordingly. Then we can do #if xxx to figure out if we can use xxx or need to do a workaround at build-time.

This works very well, but unfortunately if the program didn't build, there are many possible ways for the build to break even if the api being tested is really available... for example, some library in your toolchain isn't being linked for the throwaway test program.

When this happens, cmake indicates that apis that must be available are not available... CMake keeps a log of what happened with the failed test programs in ./build/CMakeFiles/CMakeError.log. This is appeneded to, so the best way is blow away the build dir and reconfig a new one from scratch, and go look in there to find out what the compiler or linker was complaining about.