[Libwebsockets] Segmentation fault caused by NULL value in output.c

Nikolay Dimitrov ndimitrov at setelis.com
Fri Dec 20 19:48:59 CET 2013

I'm having two problems with libwebsockets:
1) http://libwebsockets.org/trac/register doesn't work ("Environment not
found") - that is why I'm using the mailing list instead of the bug tracker
2) In line 389 in output.c there is a:
goto do_more_inside_frame
and then in line 536 dropmask is used:
dropmask[n] = dropmask[n]
however it is pointing to NULL, because its value is set after the goto on
line 437:
dropmask = &buf[0 - pre];

I would be very grateful if someone fixes this bug.

Best Regards,
Nikolay Dimitrov
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