[Libwebsockets] CMake project for Libwebsockets and more

Joakim Söderberg joakim.soderberg at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 18:08:35 CET 2013


My repos, the branch is "newcmake":

First of all, the Windows build was in the current upstream repos was
broken in several ways, I've fixed some (crash) bugs relating to that. See
the my commit log for specifics.

Anyway. I've made a CMake project file for Libwebsockets which would be
nice if it could be added upstream. It contains most of the features that
the autoconf project does, plus some more. Most importantly, it vastly
improves the Windows experience, without the need of manually editing a
bunch of Visual Studio projects for different targets.

I've also added support for using the CyaSSL library which has a OpenSSL
compatibility layer. This is currently only supported in the CMake project
(because of my lack of autoconf skills). Note that there is a crash bug in
their current official version when SSL_free() is called when after using
BIO_new_socket(). I've done a pull request for a fix,

Tested on:
- Windows XP
- Linux
- NetBSD

More about CMake:

Joakim Söderberg

How come this project is not on github anyway? At least mirrored there?
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