[Libwebsockets] something broke since my last git pull (some hours ago)

"Andy Green (林安廸)" andy at warmcat.com
Mon Feb 18 08:30:36 CET 2013

On 18/02/13 15:12, the mail apparently from "Andy Green (林安廸)" included:
> On 18/02/13 14:58, the mail apparently from Edwin van den Oetelaar
> included:
>> Hello Andy,
>> I guess it is something on my system that has gone wrong.
>> I compiled your test-server on a different machine and it behaves
>> differently.
>> Good thing we have git, (and mercurial and svn) to track all the changes.
>> I will let you know how I messed up my system.
>> My first guess is mixing autoconf with cmake build process.
>> On my system the cmake build will not work as documented, it will not
>> build inside a 'build' directory just inside the 'root'.
> I have not tried the CMake stuff yet.  I have tried to keep it up to
> date with other changes though, but I couldn't see where it lists things
> for /usr/share, how it can make dist / distclean etc.  So although I am
> glad it is there for Windows people I think Unix guys might be using
> autotools for a while.  Now we have the autogen.sh thing that doesn't
> seem to make problems any more.  (However trying to offer an untested
> Windows build before the CMake stuff was unworkable, so it is definitely
> a big advantage.)
> Having said that though, I don't know how CMake activities could tread
> on autotools; if you restart from autogen.sh it should force everything
> in good shape AFAIK.
> You might want to do a sanity check of building static on the good
> machine, confirm it's still good then copy over the test server to the
> bad machine for a test.  That'll tell you if it's something in the
> environment of that particular machine (assuming it's the same ARCH).
> Another idea is tar up the good build dir and try to just link on the
> bad machine, then after make clean etc and see if there's a point it
> breaks down... if it only works with static libs from the other machine
> that's a big clue, if the good static binary fails too it suggests other
> things etc.

... something else to try if your compiler is different on the good and 
bad boxes: we used to always build with -O2, but since this a week ago


we build -O0 if you have debugging on (default) and -O4 if you have 
--disable-debug.  That also knocks out the lwsl_ less critical than 
"notice" from the compile.

You might want to try undoing that patch's action

+: ${CFLAGS=""}

which should force things to -O2 again and see if that's anything to do 
with it.


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