[Libwebsockets] MAX_CLIENTS undefined

Jack Mitchell ml at communistcode.co.uk
Thu Jan 17 12:50:40 CET 2013

With my most recent libwebsockets build I now get:

| In file included from extension.c:5:0:
| extension-x-google-mux.h:63:36: error: 'MAX_CLIENTS' undeclared here 
(not in a function)
| make[2]: *** [libwebsockets_la-extension.lo] Error 1
| make[2]: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....

I saw some talk around MAX_CLIENT in previous emails so I wonder if I 
have to define it myself (if so it should be in the README), or if a 
sane default will automatically set?



   Jack Mitchell (jack at embed.me.uk)
   Embedded Systems Engineer


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