[Libwebsockets] deflate/inflate streams

Jandhyala, Anu AJandhyala at wms.com
Thu Jan 31 00:45:11 CET 2013

I picked up the support libwebsockets-1.0-chrome25-firefox17  version of libwebsockets today. First of all, it is fantastic, thank you - I did not need to define my own extension callback-hacks for webkit-deflate-frame (in the earlier version this hack failed for receive, but worked for sending).
This current version works seamlessly with firefox, IOS and chrome.  I have ran it in the debugger to review the data prior to deflate/inflate. It shows ~50% reduction in message bytes. Tomorrow I will stress test for latencies.

But we think the compression time is so small, we will only benefit (our base message are in XML!!)

Kudos, Andy Green!

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