[Libwebsockets] LWS_CALLBACK_RECEIVE not getting called

Larry Hayes lhayesg at gmail.com
Fri Jan 25 22:06:12 CET 2013

That was my first change to sync up the two buffers.

I compiled my server with the v1.0 library.
Kept my client on the older version.
The problem went away.

I will upgrade my server to use the newer version.



On Fri, Jan 25, 2013 at 7:15 AM, "Andy Green (林安廸)" <andy at warmcat.com>wrote:

> On 25/01/13 06:58, the mail apparently from Larry Hayes included:
>  Hello,
>> I am using a slightly older version of libwebsocket:
>> libwebsockets-**71e53691756fd420c409538c71b010**997f06f414
>> Maybe this has been fixed in a later version.
>> Every thing works OK with User Data less than 1994 bytes
>> write mode on the client is set to TEXT.
>> SSL connection.
>> But on the larger messages the Servers receive callback is  not getting
>> called.
>> The libwebsocket_service_fd() is returning 0, but no callback is getting
>> invoked.
>> The rx_packet_length is getting set correctly to 1994
>> It does 2 iteration on the libwebsocket_read().
>> But the second call has eff_buf.token_len = 1
>> While at this point rx_packet_length = 2.
>> If there was a fix for this can someone point me to version that fixed it.
>> I will just patch what I am running with.
>> If not I will try the latest tomorrow.
>> Anyone seen this issue?
>> The client says the write was successful.
> Hm I guess this might be about MAX_BROADCAST_PAYLOAD, set in
> lib/private-libwebsockets.h.  In that version it was set to 2048
> If you are indeed using broadcasts to send the data, try cranking this up
> to 4096, which is what it is set to in HEAD.
> -Andy
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