[Libwebsockets] a bug?

"Andy Green (林安廸)" andy at warmcat.com
Sun Mar 17 06:45:14 CET 2013

On 17/03/13 13:31, the mail apparently from "Andy Green (林安廸)" included:
> On 17/03/13 13:21, the mail apparently from klervi - Alex Rhatushnyak
> included:
>> Hi Andy!
>> I tested libwebsockets-b55451c6d20dd64c62594a91af3297a8934b0ec4.tar.gz
>> <http://git.libwebsockets.org/cgi-bin/cgit/libwebsockets/snapshot/libwebsockets-b55451c6d20dd64c62594a91af3297a8934b0ec4.tar.gz>
>> Got no problems without '-u',
>> with '-u' the client is killed after ~5 seconds.
>> But there's no seg.fault, that's a good news.
> Thanks for testing... at least one nasty thing that made the segfault
> was definitely nailed, hopefully that was that part.
> I'll try these later tonight and see what happens.

I just tried it, in fact I can't reproduce with -u either using your 
test code, for 2 minutes with and without logging.  Not saying there's 
not a real problem just I can't reproduce it.

Maybe you could narrow down how the client exits on your side, server is 
closing him?  Something else?


>> Please find the modified test-server.c and test-client.c attached.
>> If you could include all files in libwebsockets-...tar.gz, that would be
>> nice.
>> E.g. Makefile.am, autogen.sh and configure.ac <http://configure.ac>
>> aren't included in -b55451...
> We've removed the autotools support, things build with Cmake now.  Have
> a look at README.build.  This way I can maintain one text file and
> update even Windows builds with the same action, which was impossible
> before.
> -Andy
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