[Libwebsockets] Integrate new file into libwebsocket make build system

Hemant Kumar hkumar at arubanetworks.com
Fri Nov 22 23:54:13 CET 2013


I am trying to add a new source file into libwebsocket build system.

I am using libwebsocket_write() and  related APIs mentioned in libwebsocket.c  in my source code and have included the following files. Also, I am trying to reference the sock variable defines inside struct libwebsocket , which is in turn is defined in private-libwebsocket.h  .

#include "../lib/private-libwebsockets.h"
#include <libwebsockets.h>

My source file is placed under test-server directory , I end up with following error when I use gcc separately to compile the file:

gcc  -Wall  -I/home/hkumar/libwebsockets/lib/ -L/home/hkumar/libwebsockets/build/lib/  traffic_client.c traffic_client_send.c  -lrt  -o trafficclient

In file included from traffic_client.c:18:
../lib/private-libwebsockets.h:29:20: error: config.h: No such file or directory
In file included from traffic_client_send.c:13:
../lib/private-libwebsockets.h:29:20: error: config.h: No such file or directory

I do not see any config.h in lib directory which means that it might be taken care by libwebsocket cmake build utility.
Can you please suggest, how I can add my new source file and compile it successfully?


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