[Libwebsockets] Tagging

Daniel Griscom griscom at suitable.com
Sat Oct 26 14:53:21 CEST 2013

I've been wondering: what's the significance of 
the "chromeXX-firefoxYY" in the release tags?


P.S. It's been fun to watch all the progress 
being made; I think of it as "vicarious 

At 8:43 PM +0800 10/26/13, Andy Green (ó-à¿úN) wrote:
>On 24/10/13 23:10, the mail apparently from Arokux X included:
>>Hi all,
>>I've noticed you guys do not like to tag much. However this is
>>important for the users like me who want to checkout a bit tested code
>>and are afraid of bleeding edge i.e. HEAD.
>You're right, it has been a long time since the last tag.
>I have been hanging on to release v1.23 that's done now and tagged
>There's a very big diffstat, on the last release 
>we still had autotools build.  Most of the 
>notable features are in the changelog
>but there was also a lot of small robustness 
>work and hopefully making the last corner cases 
>fully nonblocking.
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