[Libwebsockets] Error 98 on binding port (Nios II)

Simone Maccanti simonemacc at gmail.com
Wed Apr 2 16:32:30 CEST 2014

Ok, thanks Andy... I'm "experimenting" and I still have to understand well
how things works.
Oh... another thing: when the server is listening on a certain port, i
tried to make a connection using a very simple web page. I've found several
example on Internet, they are pretty much the same:
using javascript:
new WebSocket(serviceUrl, protocol), where serviceUrl =
'ws://localhost:55554/' and protocol is 'dumb-increment-protocol' for
The connection is closed immediately. Of course if the port is already in
use, nobody can reply, but even after i use another port i've the same
result. I can only see some activity in Test-server only if i connect the
browser straight to that port: http://<ip_board>:55554, but not if i use a
js. So this means to me that the webserver we use doesn't support

2014-04-02 9:22 GMT-04:00 Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com>:

> On 04/02/2014 09:12 PM, Simone Maccanti wrote:
>> Yep you are right.
>> #netstat shows the port 55554 still in status LISTEN... after i killed
>> the server, interesting.
> If you exit the server normally and call the destroy context callback, it
> should close the listen socket.
> Even if you don't close it nicely, Linux shouldn't have the idea of a
> socket open and listening with no owning process anyway, sounds like it's
> some issue with uclinux.
> TIME_WAIT is different, it's not listening and accepting new connections
> like that.
> -Andy
>> 2014-04-01 18:39 GMT-04:00 Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com
>> <mailto:andy at warmcat.com>>:
>>     On 04/02/2014 04:24 AM, Simone Maccanti wrote:
>>         Hello guys.
>>         First of all thanks for this great library!
>>         I'm trying to port libwebsockets to uCLinux (Board with Nios II)
>>         for use
>>     Cool, this kind of platform is what I originally had in mind for
>>     very resource-constrained and unthreaded case for lws.
>>         Websockets and speed up some data published by the Board web
>>         page... so
>>         I'm doing some experiments. I've built the lib and everything
>> seems
>>         fine, then i've build a simple server using Test-server.c for try
>> to
>>         communicate to a simple web page.
>>         The default port is the 55554 instead of 7681, but every time i
>>         start
>>         the server (Test-server.c) libwebsocket_create_context fails
>>         with error
>>         98 (bind: Address already in use). Starting the server with
>>         another port
>>         (using the option --port) for example 55555, works.
>>         The 55554 is not used of course and i can change it with another
>>         port:
>>         same results, it fails.
>>         Seems an issue about how the socket is open and only the first
>> time.
>>         Any idea?
>>     If you look with netstat -pln after running and killing the server
>>     the first time, you may see the listen port in TIME_WAIT state still.
>>     lws changes the listen socket attribute to allow treading on that
>>     with a subsequent session listening on the same socket, but it seems
>>     that is broken on uclinux somehow.
>>     -Andy
>>         Thanks.
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