[Libwebsockets] Http web server integration (suggestions)

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri Apr 4 00:40:00 CEST 2014

On 04/04/2014 03:54 AM, Simone Maccanti wrote:
> Hello guys,
> i'm playing with websockets for a few days now, and i've to make some
> decision of how to proceed. We have a product that run uCLinux over an
> Altera Nios II, with a very minimun web interface. We need to publish
> now some "real time" data over that web page, and that's why web
> sockets. We can't use other ports except the 80: the websocket server
> can't establish a connection with the browser through other ports. So i
> need to integrate the lws with the webserver that run on that board. I'm
> not totally sure that this is the best solution, I'm open to suggestion.

If the existing webserver is mainly serving static files, you should 
just replace it with the one integrated to lws.

There's enough demo code for how to do that in the test server.

Even if the existing server does more, like cgi, it's still going to be 
easier and more maintainable to add code that spawns a cgi than 
integrate lws into another webserver on the same port.


> Thanks.
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