[Libwebsockets] How to run run libwebsocket_Service() in a Mainloop?

Prathamesh P Ghanekar prathamesh.ghanekar at igate.com
Wed Apr 9 06:15:52 CEST 2014

Hi Andy,Michael

Thanks for pointing me to the repository. I am going through it. But meanwhile, I have another confusion. It goes as follows:

1) I am quoting some lines from the README.coding file of the libwebsockets git repository.

Libwebsockets is singlethreaded


Directly performing websocket actions from other threads is not allowed.

Aside from the internal data being inconsistent in forked() processes,

the scope of a wsi (struct websocket) can end at any time during service

with the socket closing and the wsi freed.

If you need to service other socket or file descriptors as well as the

websocket ones, you can combine them together with the websocket ones

in one poll loop, see "External Polling Loop support" below, and

still do it all in one thread / process context.

What I understand from these lines is that, performing libwebsockets actions from other threads is not allowed/encouraged. That is, to create a thread for libwebsocket_service() API, and Mainloop should be used to integrate websockets with any legacy code.

2) Whereas, I was going through libwebsockets.c file, where APIs are briefly documented.

For libwebsocket_create_context() API, some lines go as follows:

After initialization, it returns a struct libwebsocket_context * that represents this server. After calling, user code needs to take care of calling libwebsokcet service() with the context pointer to get the server’s sockets serviced. This can be done in the same process context or as a forked process, or another thread.

This leaves me in confusion whether to create a thread for calling libwebsocket_service() or it’s not allowed/encouraged.

Am I misinterpreting anything from the documentation?

Thanks in advance ☺



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> Hi,


> I would like to know how should one go about running the libwebsocket_service() call in a glib main loop?

> I am starting a server in the main() using libwebsocket_create_context() and wish to avoid while(1) loop for polling for client connections. An example code snippet would be of great help.

not exactly what you asked - but maybe a starting point: libwebsockets integrated with the zeromq event loop:


- Michael


> Regards,

> Prathamesh


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