[Libwebsockets] Unable to communicate with node server over Websocket

sthustfo sthustfo at gmail.com
Tue Aug 5 11:26:45 CEST 2014

Hi All,

I am new to libwebsockets and have started playing around recently. I am
trying to use libwebsockets to connect to a node.js server that makes use
of socket.io. When I try to connect the sample libwebrtc clent to the node
server on local machine, the client terminates saying "WARN: problems
parsing header".

>From wireshark, I can see the initial HTTP packet (with 'Upgrade' header)
being sent to the node server but after that I do not see any packets being
exchanged. The console log from the client is as below.

test at devpc:~/libwebsockets/build/bin$ ./libwebsockets-test-client
libwebsockets test client
(C) Copyright 2010-2013 Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com> licensed under LGPL2.1
[1457:9886] NOTICE: Initial logging level 7
[1457:9886] NOTICE: Library version: 1.3 67f9459
[1457:9887] NOTICE: IPV6 compiled in and enabled
[1457:9887] NOTICE: libev support not compiled in
[1457:9889] NOTICE:  static allocation: 4472 + (12 x 1024 fds) = 16760 bytes
[1457:9890] NOTICE:  canonical_hostname = pk-laptop
[1457:9890] NOTICE:  per-conn mem: 128 + 1594 headers + protocol rx buf
Waiting for connect...
[1457:9932] WARN: problems parsing header
[1457:9933] NOTICE: libwebsocket_context_destroy

And on the node server, I see the following log

test at devpc:~/node$ DEBUG=* node basic.js
   info  - socket.io started
   debug - destroying non-socket.io upgrade
   debug - destroying non-socket.io upgrade

The basic node server is below.

var io = require('socket.io').listen(8888);

io.configure('development', function() {
  io.set('log level', 3);
  io.set('transports', ['websocket']);

io.configure('production', function() {
  io.set('transports', ['websocket']);

Could you please provide any pointers on why the communication is failing?
Am I missing anything?

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