[Libwebsockets] Libwebsockets push from the server problem

Sergio Vasquez seavc88 at gmail.com
Tue Feb 4 15:28:48 CET 2014


I have almost finished my own server with
libwebsockets-1.23-chrome32-firefox24, but there is a last subprotocol that
I will need to implement. That protocol needs that the client establishes
the connection and then wait for the server to push data within a certain
frequency. During that time the client must just wait, it cannot send any
message to the server.
My problem is that the threads where the server code is executing must
return and my wsi (struct libwebsocket parameter) cannot be saved.
I manage to save the context but I do not know how to push data just with
that. Do you have any ideas?

Sergio Vasquez
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