[Libwebsockets] Autobahn test suite

Alexandre Erwin Ittner alexandre at ittner.com.br
Sun Jan 19 02:02:55 CET 2014


Libwebsockets is a perfect match for a project I'm working on, but first
I'm evaluating how it covers the required features to ensure maximum
browser compatibility.

Did anybody tried to run the Autobahn test suite [1] against
libwebsockets? Are there any expected failure?

When running the Autobahn fuzzingclient tests against a modified echo
server, I got some test failures regarding reserved bits (3.*), opcodes
(4.*), fragmentation (5.*), and long binary messages. Are these failures
expected? Since I just started using libwebsockets, my test code can be
the source (I may provide it if needed).

[1] http://autobahn.ws/testsuite/

Thanks in advance,

Alexandre Erwin Ittner - alexandre at ittner.com.br
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