[Libwebsockets] Alternative to Multiplexing with libwebsockets (message priority?)

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Thu Jan 9 16:18:21 CET 2014

Thomas Spitz <thomas.spitz at hestia-france.com> wrote:
>Hello everybody,
>I've read the following thread regarding multiplexing with
>libwebsockets (
>and also the websocket specifications (
>http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc6455#page-26) and it seems that a
>multiplexing solution is not yet ready.

It's looking dead everywhere at the moment.

>I would like to know whether there could be a solution to send a
>"prioritorized message" while a long streaming message is in process.
>Apparently, this is what a control frames do but there are already in

Yes but control frames like ping and pong are not messages in the sense the content reaches javascript.

You can only have one ongoing logical message at a time.

You can define an extension to act differently but the peer has to have the extension implementation then.

Having two logical websocket connections will do it, one dealing with the bulk data and the other carrying out-of-band notifications.


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