[Libwebsockets] FW: pollfd->revents == 0

Bekiares Tyrone-CTB041 Tyrone.Bekiares at motorolasolutions.com
Wed Jul 23 19:40:15 CEST 2014


I'm using libwebsockets 1.3, compiled using VS2013Update2 for Win32, run under Win7/64. I am connecting from Chrome 36 via SSL to the included test-server app.  I am serving out a .html page which references a few .js and .css files.

The first 2 files are transferred properly, the third crashes in lws_server_socket_service_ssl() because  new_wsi is NULL. If I trace the crash, lws_server_socket_service is not creating a new new_wsi prior to calling lws_server_socket_service_ssl because (pollfd->revents & LWS_POLLIN) == 0 when lws_server_socket_service is called. 

There does not appear to be a check for pollfd->revents==0 inside libwebsocket_service_fd (which calls lws_server_socket_service). Should there be? Is pollfd->revents==0 expected?

Has anyone else experienced this?


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