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#80: cpptest fails to link and run
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Component:  libwebsocket test apps  |    Version:  1.0
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 I'm new to libwebsockets and am converting a JSP application to use the
 library. I installed the download on debian linux (Ubuntu) and am able to
 make the library and example apps. However when I tried to build and run
 cpptest using the compile,
 g++ -DINSTALL_DATADIR=\"/usr/share\" -ocpptest test.cpp -lwebsockets
 I could not link websockets. I added libwebsockets.so directly to the
 command line compile and got a binary of 20K instead of the 80K or so of
 the other example apps. When I run cpptest I get an error:
 libwebsockets.so.4.0.0: cannot open shared object file: No such file or

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