[Libwebsockets] PONG frames sent by client not received in server based on libwebsockets.

saurabh srivastava saurabhs_srivastava at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 24 14:13:06 CEST 2014


I am using tagged version of libwebsockets-1.3-chrome37-firefox30.

Is there a mechanism to deliver PONG frames (received from client side) to server based on libwebsockets.
I am sending PING frames from server on a regular interval to connected Web Sockets, and can see that library receives the PONG frames from browser, but these pong frames are not send to server via callback.

source code from libwebsocket_rx_sm in file parsers.c
/* ... then just drop it */
wsi->u.ws.rx_user_buffer_head = 0;
return 0;

Please let me know why are we dropping these PONG frames received from client side.
This can be helpful in detecting Web-socket link failure or client unreachable due to bad network conditions. 

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