[Libwebsockets] about post: Async DNS resolver

Armando Baños armbp1972 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 11 17:45:20 CEST 2014


I was just thinking on writting a post about a bug that found in
libwebsocket when I read the post: "[Libwebsockets] Async DNS
resolver", and realized that what I found was related with that.

What I found was that when I call "libwebsocket_client_connect"
passing a "name" (e.g: mysite.myserver.net ) as the server address
parameter and for some reason libwebsocket can not resolve that name
to an IP address (network down, wrong DNS address, etc..) libwebsocket
crash the host program that call it.

>From my point of view there is a solution: resolve DNS requests in my
program before calling "libwebsocket_client_connect", and doing that
allways with IP addresses, not names. But I think that's not the
better solution, instead it's solving the problem inside libwebsocket.

Best regards, Armando..

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