[Libwebsockets] Returning -1 from client callback has no effect (LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED isn't invoked)

bjorka adinov adinov.bjorka at gmail.com
Thu Mar 13 10:47:49 CET 2014

Hello Andy,

I'm using libwebsockets 1.23. On server side whenever I return -1 from the
callback, the connection is closed and LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED is invoked on
both side. But when  I return -1 from client side callback, nothing
happened. LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED is not invoked. When I debug the code, it
seems the callback function is called from function
libwebsocket_client_rx_sm (client-parser.c) line 396 and the return value
from the callback function is not used ? Is this by design ? Am I missing
something ?

Thanks a lot
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