[Libwebsockets] Libwebsockets Digest, Vol 13, Issue 21

Andy Finkel andy at flyingcat.com
Mon Mar 31 16:04:36 CEST 2014

I've just started trying out libwebsockets.  Under Ubuntu, I had no real
problem getting everything to compile and work.  I then tried it
cross-compiling for OpenWRT.  Again, no real problems.   I can send messages
between two computers as well as run the tests on the same computer via

Now I come to Windows. Visual Studio 10.   It doesn't quite work.  After I
move the variable declaration of hostname in client.c to the top of the
function, it does compile, with duplicate link warnings in zlib.  After I
pick out set of functions, I recompile, and try the test programs.  While
they start, they don't communicate.  (I've tried the SSL and non SSL

I see changes and cleanup happening on the Windows version, so clearly
people have it working under Windows;  maybe I'm missing something obvious ?

Thanks for any hints,


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