[Libwebsockets] Failed to Register for Trac to raise a ticket

Mark Hessling mark at rexx.org
Mon May 5 08:21:07 CEST 2014

A bit of an introduction...
I'm developing a Rexx interface to libwebsockets (Rexx/WS) which I will 
be presenting at the 25th International Rexx Symposium tomorrow.

I wanted to raise a ticket on libwebsockets but when I click "Register" 
I get a blank page with "Environment not found".

The subject of the ticket is to add libwebsocket versioning information 
in libwebsockets.h to facilitate support for different versions of 
libwebsockets by wrapper code like Rexx/WS.
In particular, the downloadable package with a tag of v1.23 results in a 
version of 1.3 from the call to lws_get_library_version(). 1.3 is also 
returned from the current version in git.  As there are substantial API 
changes between the two versions they should be identifiable as 
different version.

Thanks, Mark

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