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Ken Atherton katherton at sunedison.com
Wed Apr 30 20:45:06 CEST 2014


We've been using libwebsockets as part of a client application under Debian 5.  We connect using HTTPS as a client to a remote Jetty server running in AWS.   I had been using  source code from 5/4/2012 labeled libwebsockets-8360a47011f6a3eb89c6ef9b593eb4bca935336b.  It works great!
Recently  I had to port our application to Debian 7.  To get it to build I had to upgrade to a newer version of libwebsockets.  I'm currently working with source code from around 4/17/2014 labeled libwebsockets-c11b847fa835eacab725824d130795b663a8e31f.   When I connect to an identical local server using OpenSSL it succeeds.  When I connect to our remote server using CYASSL it succeeds.  When I try to connect to our remote server using OpenSSL  I never get connected - I get a number of retries, then:
[410890:3269] INFO: SSL_connect WANT_... retrying
[410890:3488] INFO: TIMEDOUT WAITING on 8
[410890:3489] DEBUG: close: just_kill_connection
[410890:3491] INFO: remove_wsi_socket_from_fds: wsi=0x30c40, sock=8, fds pos=1
Then the whole process repeats, infinitely.  I added my own debug statement and the warning is SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ.  I also tried source code from libwebsockets-1.23-chrome32-firefox24 and got the same result.
I tested connecting using the openssl tool:  openssl s_client -connect myremoteserver.com:443  and got connected .
There was a similar issue in versions prior to 5/4/2012, but when retries were added in libwebsockets-8360a47011f6a3eb89c6ef9b593eb4bca935336b the issue was resolved.  Now, from the log, the retries can be seen to occur but I can never get past SSL_ERROR_WANT_READ using openssl to connect to our remote server.  Does anyone have any thoughts on further tests that might shed light on the problem?

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