[Libwebsockets] current and git version - partial send handling

Marcin Gibula m.gibula at gmail.com
Fri Nov 7 09:29:50 CET 2014


I've been playing with partial writes in libwebsockets 1.3 and current
git version. There are some things that are confusing and unclear for

1. In current version there is a flag 'no_buffer_all_partial_tx' which
- according to description, should be set to 0 if I want to
libwebsockets to take care of all partial writes. However, from what
I've tested, it's opposite - I need to set it to 1 to avoid having
libwebsocket_write() returning partial writes.

2. In git version there is no flag 'no_buffer_all_partial_tx' and no
way of avoiding partial writes?

I'm not using any websockets extensions nor SSL.


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