[Libwebsockets] Problem when running on ARM platform

Halpin, Joe jhalpin at navigationsolutions.com
Sat Nov 8 17:05:50 CET 2014

I tried running tcpdump on both test-echo and the existing python client (using ws4py). I didn't see anything substantially different between the two, so I upped the debug level for test-echo to 65535 as suggested, and ran it again. Truncated output is shown below.  It looks like it's parsing a response (elided), so I don't understand the 'no ACCEPT' line below.

Am I missing something? I'm still a bit uncertain as to how some of this works.



# ./zibox-test --client zibox -d 65535
[411910:2030] NOTICE: Built to support client operations
[411910:2032] NOTICE: Built to support server operations
lwsts[4779]: libwebsockets echo test - (C) Copyright 2010-2013 Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com> - licensed under LGPL2.1
lwsts[4779]: Running in client mode
lwsts[4779]: Initial logging level 65535
lwsts[4779]: Library version: 1.3 unknown-build-hash
lwsts[4779]: IPV6 not compiled in
lwsts[4779]: libev support not compiled in
lwsts[4779]:  LWS_MAX_HEADER_LEN: 1024
lwsts[4779]:  LWS_MAX_PROTOCOLS: 5
lwsts[4779]:  SPEC_LATEST_SUPPORTED: 13
lwsts[4779]:  AWAITING_TIMEOUT: 5
lwsts[4779]:  SYSTEM_RANDOM_FILEPATH: '/dev/urandom'
lwsts[4779]:  LWS_MAX_ZLIB_CONN_BUFFER: 65536
lwsts[4779]:  static allocation: 4472 + (12 x 1024 fds) = 16760 bytes
lwsts[4779]:  canonical_hostname = production-
lwsts[4779]:  per-conn mem: 140 + 1606 headers + protocol rx buf
lwsts[4779]:   Protocol: tabletNotification
lwsts[4779]: Client connecting to zibox:80....
lwsts[4779]: libwebsocket_client_connect: direct conn
lwsts[4779]: libwebsocket_client_connect_2
lwsts[4779]: libwebsocket_client_connect_2: address zibox
lwsts[4779]: insert_wsi_socket_into_fds: wsi=0x265a8, sock=7, fds pos=1
lwsts[4779]: nonblocking connect retry
lwsts[4779]: Client connected to zibox:80
lwsts[4779]: libwebsocket_client_connect_2
lwsts[4779]: libwebsocket_client_connect_2: address zibox
lwsts[4779]: connected

[ ... ] (parsing output)

'wsts[4779]: WSI_TOKEN_NAME_PART '
lwsts[4779]: WSI_TOKEN_NAME_PART '
lwsts[4779]: known hdr 8
lwsts[4779]: no ACCEPT
lwsts[4779]: closing connection due to bail2 connection error
lwsts[4779]: close: just_kill_connection
lwsts[4779]: remove_wsi_socket_from_fds: wsi=0x265a8, sock=7, fds pos=1
lwsts[4779]: not calling back closed
^Clwsts[4779]: libwebsocket_context_destroy
lwsts[4779]: libwebsockets-test-echo exited cleanly

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On 8 November 2014 04:53:13 GMT+08:00, "Halpin, Joe" <jhalpin at navigationsolutions.com> wrote:
>I have a test program written to run on both i386 and ARM, which 
>behaves differently from one platform to the other (it's a pared down 
>version of test-echo.c). I'm not using command line options, so I have 
>this as part of the variable setup:
>#ifdef __ARM_EABI__
>    char address[256] = "";
>    char interface_name[128] = "usb0";
>    char address[256] = "echo.websocket.org";
>    char interface_name[128] = "eth0";

It's not related to your problem, but for static strings that will never be written, you should drop the arbitrary length inside the [] because it's just wasting space.

And if these are declared at function scope but are never changed, also mark them static to save space and code.

>The program works perfectly on i386, but apparently does nothing on my 
>ARM platform. I added some debug output, but it just shows the 
>[411859:4774] NOTICE: Initial logging level 7

Force the logging level to, eg, 65535

>[411859:4777] NOTICE: Library version: 1.3 unknown-build-hash 
>[411859:4777] NOTICE: IPV6 not compiled in [411859:4778] NOTICE: libev 
>support not compiled in [411859:4785] NOTICE:  static allocation: 4472 
>+ (12 x 1024 fds) =
>16760 bytes
>[411859:4789] NOTICE:  canonical_hostname = production- 
>[411859:4789] NOTICE:  per-conn mem: 140 + 1606 headers + protocol rx 
>buf Calling libwebsocket_client_connect

So starting the connection was okay?

>wsi created
>at bail:
>[411860:5119] NOTICE: libwebsocket_context_destroy
>The #ifdef block is the only difference between the two versions. Does 
>this ring a bell with anyone here?

I would confirm the test apps work on your Arm toolchain / board before doing anything else.  These are the golden sanity check for lws.

If they work everything else should work.

Notice the connection request just starts the ball rolling, the actual connection happens asynchronously during subsequent service depending on network latencies etc.


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