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#88: Socket close by client
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 I use in my application the libwesockets and I think it's very useful
 library. In my multithreaded application I have this code:

                         '''messageEntry = messageQueue->pop();'''
                         if(messageEntry != NULL) {
                                 libwebsocket_write(wsi, (unsigned
 char*)messageEntry->getJsonString()->c_str(), messageEntry->length(),
                                 delete messageEntry;


 while (true) {
                 libwebsocket_service(context, 10);
                 '''messageEntry = messageQueue->front();'''
                 if(messageEntry != NULL)

 I have question how can I figure out that a client close the connection?
 In the loop "while(true)" I'm checking only if there is a new message (but
 the message is not getting from the queue) and if it is then I call
 If client is connected, there is "LWS_CALLBACK_SERVER_WRITEABLE" callback
 but otherwise there is no callback at all and the message is not getting
 from the messageQueue.

 I tryed change the code:
 if(messageEntry != NULL) {
                         if(messageEntry->wsi->state ==
                                 /* then pop a message */

 But when I try compile the code I see the error:
 "error: invalid use of incomplete type ‘struct libwebsocket’"

 Any suggestions how can I solve the problem? And does it good idea to use
 "wsi->state" to check client connection state?

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