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#87: Return value from callback is ignored
  Reporter:  dimitrirostavo         |      Owner:
      Type:  defect                 |     Status:  new
  Priority:  major                  |  Milestone:  milestone1
 Component:  libwebsockets library  |    Version:  1.0
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Comment (by dimitrirostavo):

 Just added a little bit more here. I think the code should be more like

 if (wsi->protocol->callback)

                                 wsi, LWS_CALLBACK_ESTABLISHED,
                                           wsi->user_space, NULL, 0))
             lwsl_debug("handshake_0405: Callback return nonzero error\n");
             goto bail;

         return 0;

         /* free up his parsing allocations */

         if (wsi->u.hdr.ah)
         wsi->u.hdr.ah = NULL;

         return -1;
 }//end of handshake-0405 method.

 We need to set the allocated headers to NULL before to return because we
 try to free the same field inside server.c:282.

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