[Libwebsockets] Does libwebsocket fit to my needs?

Alexander Eisenhuth ae at stacom-software.de
Wed Sep 3 16:42:51 CEST 2014

Hello together,

before diving into libwebsockets, I want to figure out weather this lib 
is what I'm looking for and fit into the architecture of my project.

I've to say that I'm no expert in Websockets, so forgive me about  "dumb 

I developed a component running under linux on x86 and arm11. The build 
environment is gcc 4.7.2 an d cmake 2.8.

The application is a component behind a lighttpd web server. The client 
uses JSON encoded HTTPS requests. These requests are passed with 
mod_fcgi to my component, processed there and the answer send back as 
JSON encoded answer. So far so good.

Now a new requirement is to send status data of the embedded device 
asynchrously to clients. For that purpose Websockets shall be used.

Lighttpd doesn't support Websockets out of the box. There exists 
mod_websocket, but it seems to be well supported.

So it looks like I've to integrate a new library supporting Websockets 
into the am11/x86 platform.

- The idea is to start/stop the periodical delivery of status data with 
a HTTPS/JSON Request
- Status data must be encrypted
  (ideally use the existing HTTPS connection of lighttpd)
- Footprint of the library must be low (~100KB ROM/RAM)
- Multiple client must be able to get the status data

- Can this be achieved using libwebsockets?
- How can that be done?

Looking forward to hear from you

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