[Libwebsockets] libwebsocket releases

Jaco jaco at uls.co.za
Thu Apr 16 14:10:13 CEST 2015

Hi All,

I'm trying to package up libwebsockets for the Gentoo distribution.

For this purpose I'd like to inquire whether offiicial releases are
archived somewhere?  I've been looking through the information on
libwebsockets.org but am unfortunately unable to locate any location
from which downloads are available.

For the purpose of packaging I've now proceeded to archive at least
version 1.4 to http://downloads.uls.co.za/libwebsockets/ but feel that
this is a bit informal, and would like to request that the project makes
space somewhere to archive releases.

The other concern that exists is the license, from what I can tel
basically you're reducing LGPL-2.1 to allow for linking against it, as
long as you don't modify the library, but if you do make the diffs
available, and then there is the attribution (BSD like).  Personally I
have no objection against the license, but it does complicate official
inclusion since it's not a mainline license (like LGPL itself or BSD). 
Would the libsockets team have any objection against formalizing the
license or against me pitching to include the license as an option in
Gentoo?  xiamiao has suggested that both the BSD license (or one of it's
variants) or the MIT license might already do exactly what you're trying
to achieve with your ammendments.

Kind Regards,

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