[Libwebsockets] [libwebsockets] #107: Missing LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED on the the server

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#107: Missing LWS_CALLBACK_CLOSED on the the server
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Comment (by stephang):

 I have now tested with your patch.

 Additionally I have added the following code in the switches of all
 protocols in test-server.c to see which callbacks i get (because that's
 what I am missing):
     OutputDebugStringA ("closed <protocol>\n");

 Then I have tested with and without write calls on the server (by
 commenting out the following line as in your patch):

 It turned out that the client always establishes connections to both sub-
 protocols (dumb increment, lws mirror). However, the close callback for
 the dumb increment protocol is only fired, when the server has written
 some data. (Close http is missing entirely).

 So I guess that is what I have encountered in my implementation. Since I
 use no sub-protocols (only the default protocol 0) that close callback is
 missing entirely.
 But I think it should be there, shouldn't it?

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