[Libwebsockets] v1.6.0 released

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri Dec 18 04:44:50 CET 2015

Hi -

I tidied up the changelog a bit, added a briefing of how to deal with 
the API updates, upped the version and added a signed tag


The changelog summary is worth reading if you didn't try update the code 
yet, it lists what you need to do and it's not that bad --->

v1.6.0 has many cleanups and improvements in the API.  Although at first 
it looks pretty drastic, user code will only need four actions to update it.

  - Do the three search/replaces in your user code, /libwebsocket_/lws_/,
    /libwebsockets_/lws_/, and /struct\ libwebsocket/struct\ lws/

  - Remove the context parameter from your user callbacks

  - Remove context as the first parameter from the "Eleven APIS" listed
    in the User Api Changes section

  - Add lws_get_context(wsi) as the first parameter on the "Three APIS"
    listed in the User Api Changes section, and anywhere else you still
    need context

That's it... generally only a handful of the 14 affected APIs are 
actually in use in your user code and you can find them quickest by 
compiling and visiting the errors each in turn.  And the end results are 
much cleaner, more predictable and maintainable.

Since v1.5 a few weeks ago

  62 files changed, 6524 insertions(+), 4198 deletions(-)

Comparing x86_64 Linux build for default options (client + server + ext 
+ ssl)

v1.5   (.so.5): TEXT: 84799  RODATA: 16053   DATA: 2656    BSS:  8
v1.6.0 (.so.6): TEXT: 85375  RODATA: 15525   DATA: 2656    BSS:  8

Actually v1.6.0 is only bigger by 48 bytes overall, and it has quite a 
few new features.  So we are still clamping down on bloat pretty well.

Thanks a lot to the now 100 contributors over 5 years and over 1,300 


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