[Libwebsockets] Hello andy or anyone i am in need of help.

Genusis Andrew . lordsatin at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 26 23:16:01 CET 2015

not sure what email to send this to but i am currently having issues sending data to a web server i am connecting too. I do not know what kind of socket the web server uses but apparently im having issues sending and receiving anything bigger than a ping. I have tried several methods shown in tutorials etc none of them work. Currently i am trying to connect to hitbox.tv to make a chat bot for them and they require the use of a web socket so i decided to use yours however i can't get it to fully work..... maybe you can review my code and tell me what i need to do to properly send data and act as a client to their web server which sends and receives data via port 80.


this is the above libwebsockets code i am using which is not working correctly. Hopefully you can help me so i can get this bot up and running as i'm converting this down from a C# bot which can't handle the load.

Please let me know if you can help me =[.
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