[Libwebsockets] Writeable callbacks on Windows only firing when timeout reached

Mark Hessling mark at rexx.org
Thu Mar 5 08:52:28 CET 2015

I've noticed that writeable callbacks (CALLBACK_SERVER_WRITEABLE, and 
CALLBACK_HTTP_WRITEABLE) on Windows fire irregularly, but mainly at the 
same rate as the timeout period in libwebsockets_service().

On Linux, these callbacks fire instantly.

I've attached a simple server program that demonstrates the behavioural 
difference between Windows and Linux.

The program is as simple as I could make it.  I also noticed that for 
some reason the server running on Windows seems to fire the 
CALLBACK_HTTP twice. I haven't determined why at the moment; the actual 
code I'm using doesn't do the same.

I've also only used libwebsockets calls that are documented mainly 
because I haven't spent heaps of time working out what the undocumented 
function calls do.

Cheers, Mark

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