[Libwebsockets] Question with libwebsocket_client_connect

Subi S S subi.s at cambiumnetworks.com
Wed Mar 11 04:19:21 CET 2015

Thanks Andy , it is clear now.

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On 10 March 2015 22:06:12 GMT+08:00, Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com> wrote:
>On 6 March 2015 18:37:42 GMT+08:00, Subi S S 
><subi.s at cambiumnetworks.com> wrote:
>>Hi ,
>>As per my understanding to make a web socket connection with server, 
>>from client libwebsocket_client_connect  API  needs to be invoked  and
>>on successful web socket  connection WSI pointer will be returned and 
>>NULL on connection error.
>Hm that's not quite right.
>The lws client connect occurs asynchronously.
>So a wsi is created when you ask for the connection, but he returns 
>right away after initiating the tcp connection action.
>It's not until later when you run the service api and the wsi gets 
>service, that he can move on his connection (according to if a proxy, 
>or ssl is involved, it may take many steps performed asynchronously 
>with service inbetween before he actually connects to the server).
>And later, after several steps he does handshake with the server, the 
>server may say, 'no'.
>So getting a wsi back doesn't indicate anything about the connection 
>health or state.
>>But in code :
>>In fuction libwebsocket_client_connect   at  line no : 405 ,
>>libwebsocket_client_connect_2 is invoked  and in
>>libwebsocket_client_connect_2 when connect fails in certain error 
>>cases, WSI is returned even though  connection is not successful.
>As I explained above, getting the wsi doesn't mean it was 'successful'.
>And in this case, getting like WOULDBLOCK does not mean the connection 
>It may mean SSL layer needs to SEND something on the connection before 
>it can RECEIVE anything further.  For example he has to send some 
>crypto related data before the encrypted connection can proceed.
>So this code is arranging for the SSL layer to have sent whatever it 
>needed before retrying still in the connection state that will bring us 
>back to lws_client_connect_2 next time.
>>      if (connect(wsi->sock, v, n) == -1 || LWS_ERRNO == LWS_EISCONN)
>>          if (LWS_ERRNO == LWS_EALREADY || LWS_ERRNO ==
>>                                     || LWS_ERRNO == LWS_EWOULDBLOCK)
>>                            lwsl_client("nonblocking connect
>>                                                             /*
>>                          * must do specifically a POLLOUT poll to
>>                                         * about the connect
>>                                                             */
>>                            if (lws_change_pollfd(wsi, 0,
>>                                                             goto
>>                                                            return
>>                                         }
>>                                        if (LWS_ERRNO != LWS_EISCONN)
>>                    lwsl_debug("Connect failed errno=%d\n",
>>                                                           goto
>>                                         }
>>                    }
>>How to handle this in client code, if we assume that we not getting 
>>CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED callback, is there a change of leak with wsi ??

Sorry I got into a big explanation and missed your question.

No there should be a 5s TIMEOUT covering the entire connection action by default, at which point service will kill the connection and free the wsi.


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