[Libwebsockets] Errors with test-client

Deric Panet-Raymond dpraymond at satcomdirect.com
Tue Mar 24 18:42:08 CET 2015

Thanks Andy,

I pretty much did that, I went in and manually ran the cmake .
-DLWS_IPV6=OFF option then rebuilt the library and it now works!  I¹ll
probably commit it as a package to my build system rather then using the
cmake everytime as it seems pointless once it¹s been configured to build
once, it shouldn¹t really need to change again.


On 3/24/15, 1:37 PM, "Andy Green" <andy at warmcat.com> wrote:

>>Which seems to indicate that IPV6 is compiled in.  Any ideas?  I¹ve
>CMake has some option caching concept that drove me nuts before I
>realized if you want to meddle with the CMake options, nuke your ./build
>dir and start from an empty one each time.
>It sounds drastic but since CMake + make generates everything in there,
>it costs almost nothing.  And normally the CMake is a one-off, make
>itself never needs this treatment.

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