[Libwebsockets] Joakim as Comaintainer

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri Oct 16 23:34:06 CEST 2015

Hi -

So at the end of a fun couple of weeks travelling in Japan (a lot of it spent maxxing out my rail pass), I'm sitting in Haneda and everything is up to date on lws as far as I can tell.

There are 6 github issues left open, but 3 of those should be solved or at least moved on and are waiting for responses.

One of the remaining ones is about a much-needed update to the Debian package, which seems to be proceeding by itself.

Another is a wish that we could integrate with Autobahn, and the last is a request for proper close packet handling.  But nobody seems to want those enough to implement them.

Since I still have no insight into what's happening or not happening elsewhere in my future, I guess it's safe to assume things will just go back to benign neglect shortly.  So to avoid that ungraceful situation I asked Joakim to comaintain lws, and made some transparent-as-possible changes to github to facilitate that.  Joakim did the conversion to cmake, set up the CI pieces and generally has been helping out; I expect I'll still be needed when it comes to wading into the guts of the code.  But someone else is around now who can process patches that make sense to him.

Please help keep the asspain to a minimum for Joakim by at least providing patches with attribution, or better as he prefers github pull requests.

Thanks a lot for all the contributions over the years and please continue with them ^^

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