[Libwebsockets] HTTP basic authorization

Elmar Berghöfer elmar.berghoefer at dfki.de
Fri Oct 30 17:46:26 CET 2015


I am trying to use libwebsocket to write a client that catches some 
information from a server. Now in principal with a test server 
everything worked fine, but now additionally a basic user authorization 
is required (on HTTP level). Additionally ssl is used, but that part 
works so far.

No I couldn't figure out how to add the authentification header since I 
couldn't found some option to give it to the lib in form of "username" 
and "password". In principal it would be enough if I could add an 
arbitrary string to the header, I tried during the callback that let you 
add something to the header during handshake but that doesn't seem to be 
enough (I am not familiar with websocket programming, but seems like the 
header has to be included in each packet?).

So is there a way to add the "Authorization: Basic <passwd in B64>" 
somehow to the header hat is used by the lib, or alternatively specify a 
username and password?


Elmar Berghöfer

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