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Joakim Söderberg joakim.soderberg at gmail.com
Sun Oct 11 11:57:56 CEST 2015


Great that you're alive, I figured that real life / work was the case :)
But got a little worried there...

Anyhow, I think getting rid of Trac is a good idea as well. Better to just
have one place for stuff, and not having to deal with the work of hosting
something yourself.

Regarding features to add. I don't think adding any big functionality is
what's needed no. Fixing bugs and making sure stuff follows the standard is
a better focus. One structural change that comes to mind would be to make
the adding of new protocols  more dynamic, not sure how exactly though.

I think adding a test program that passes http://autobahn.ws/testsuite/
would be a great addition. As well as adding unit tests where possible
(then wrapping those in valgrind on the Continous Integraiton services will
catch breaking changes and memory leaks easily).

I have fixed the Appveyor stuff in this pull requests. As well as fixed
some memory leak issues, and one double free on an OpenSSL error (if I
recall correctly). Anyway look at the individual commits. It also includes
breaking out private headers from the public ones:

Might I also suggest closing all open pull requests. Right now there are a
ton open ones, and it's hard to see which is relevant. Closing them all
maybe with a message to the author to re-open it if it's still relevant.

There have been a lot of "colliding fixes" while you've been away, people
fixing the same thing and what not.


On Sun, Oct 11, 2015 at 11:20 AM, Andy Green <andy at warmcat.com> wrote:

> Hi -
> I have been busy with paying work (ie not lws) for some months now. I'm
> sorry that has not been very graceful for lws.
> However at least for the next week, I am on holiday and have some time to
> catch up a bit.
> In particular I think I need to give up on lws trac and point people to
> github. The amount of spam that attracts is amazing, I don't have time to
> keep it from becoming a spampocalypse.
> In terms of features and functionality, it has been 5 years since I
> started lws and I think it's pretty complete. In fact considering nobody
> appears to be using the optional http2 support I added nearly a year ago, I
> think it's probably more than complete.
> Obviously there are still small bugs and improvements being found... but I
> would say it's in a mature state. Is there any stuff that we really ought
> to be adding to it, from where it is? I guess people will continue to send
> small, useful patches as recently... but in terms of structural changes or
> other large works?
> I updated appveyor to point to somewhere that has the openssl blob it
> wants, but he seems to have changed where makensis lives or the utility
> name changed... I have no idea what to do about fixing that
> windows-specific thing, so any help appreciated.
> -Andy
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