[Libwebsockets] Some more patches to add..

Ash 20001 ash20001 at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 14 08:46:53 CEST 2015

HI Andy,Since you are back, I have some more bug fixes that are easier for me to just tell you here and you can perhaps commit them?
1. server.c			if (strcasecmp(http_conn_str, "close"))				connection_type = HTTP_CONNECTION_CLOSE;should be			if (!strcasecmp(http_conn_str, "close"))				connection_type = HTTP_CONNECTION_CLOSE;
2. context.cSSL is inited for plain HTTP server. 
                if (lws_context_init_server_ssl(info, context))                        goto bail;
                if (lws_context_init_client_ssl(info, context))                        goto bail;
I am not sure why we need this code for a pure HTTP server since there is no SSL. But anyway these functions call SSL_library_init() which is not reentrant, so in my case, i had one thread host an HTTP server and another host an HTTPS server and was running into all sorts of reentrancy issues because SSL_library_init was called simultaneously. 
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