[Libwebsockets] Valgrind errors about SSL in trunk test-server

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Fri Oct 16 00:25:27 CEST 2015

On 16 October 2015 01:03:17 GMT+09:00, Andrejs Hanins <andrejs.hanins at ubnt.com> wrote:
>Sorry, false alarm. I forgot about PURIFY option of OpenSSL. When
>OpenSSL is compiled with PURIFY defined, Valgrind is happy, at least
>with openssl-1.0.2d :)

Well, it ended with a nice reassurance we're still valgrind-clean, so no worries.


>On 10/15/2015 05:03 PM, Andrejs Hanins wrote:
>> Hi,
>> 	I got a big pile of Valgrind errors/warnings about SSL stuff when
>just running stock "libwebsockets-test-server -s"
>(f94dd2ea3eb95fb74d80d667893c1163bb4fad8f) under Valgrind and
>connecting to it from web-browser (Firefox and Chromium tried). I'm on
>Ubuntu 14.04.2 LTS.
>> 	Is there anybody else seeing the same issue? Or it is just
>false-positive and know issue?
>> 	Messages are like this (full dump in attachment):
>> ==26316== Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
>> ==26316==    at 0x507B208: ??? (in
>> ==26316==    by 0x5071BE2: ??? (in
>> ==26316==    by 0x506F1D3: ??? (in
>> ==26316==    by 0x40CA4C: lws_ssl_capable_read (ssl.c:443)
>> ==26316==    by 0x40F1F9: lws_server_socket_service (server.c:697)
>> ==26316==    by 0x406C95: libwebsocket_service_fd (service.c:486)
>> ==26316==    by 0x40DF2F: lws_plat_service (lws-plat-unix.c:179)
>> ==26316==    by 0x404678: main (test-server.c:976)
>> BR, Andrey
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