[Libwebsockets] Integration with epoll

Eric Nelson eric at nelint.com
Tue Sep 8 16:36:14 CEST 2015

Hi Brice,

On 09/02/2015 02:18 PM, Brice Hamon wrote:
> I also use epoll internally and had to use the notification hooks to
> integrate the lib.
> It wasn't hard but a lot of mapping for no good reason IMO. The
> notifications from the lib are working nicely.
> I agreed it would very nice to have the lib using epoll instead of poll. 

I was also able to integrate with epoll(), and really only had two

Both involved the need for data within the protocol callback:
	- where/how to find the epoll fd
	- where/how to remember the EPOLL bits for each fd

The first can be taken care of through the use of the user
field in struct lws_context_creation_info at context creation
time, but the latter really needs per-socket data.

I was about to propose an API change when I noticed that there
was an API change a while back that covers it:


I'm using 1.2.2-1 from Ubuntu Trusty and it seems that I should

> On Wed, Sep 2, 2015 at 2:45 PM, Eric Nelson <andy.green at linaro.org
> <mailto:andy.green at linaro.org>> wrote:
>     Hi all,
>     Has anybody considered integrating epoll as a poll() alternative?
>     If not, is there any interest?
>     This seems straightforward and should allow better performance
>     and integration with apps that are already using epoll for their
>     main loop (which is my motivation).
>     Please advise,
>     Eric Nelson
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