[Libwebsockets] regarding sending new pending truncated message

SUMAN PATRO suman.patro at somaiya.edu
Tue Aug 2 17:30:26 CEST 2016

I have been getting an error as sending new,  pending truncated when I send
1 kb message at a faster rate to the javascript client from my webserver.
When I introduce a sleep of 1 sec..  The error seems to occurs after some
point in time.. I.e the error disappears for some time. I did read the
solution of flow control.  I have used lws_send_pipe_choked but this
doesn't resolve the issue. I learnt that the above method needs to be used
in the server_ writable callback,  but my data sending in the server is
handled using an other method and not server writable. What could be then


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