[Libwebsockets] Problem using SSL with CONTEXT_PORT_NO_LISTEN

Alan Conway aconway at redhat.com
Tue Dec 13 22:38:44 CET 2016

I ran into a problem trying to get SSL to work with adopted sockets:

In ssl-server.c:

lws_context_init_server_ssl(struct lws_context_creation_info *info,
			    struct lws_vhost *vhost)
/// Snip...
	if (info->port != CONTEXT_PORT_NO_LISTEN) {

		vhost->use_ssl = info->ssl_cert_filepath != NULL;

In other words, SSL is explicitly disabled if I use
CONTEXT_PORT_NO_LISTEN, which I have to do since I don't want LWS to
listen directly.

Is there another way around this?


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