[Libwebsockets] v1.7.0 released

Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Tue Feb 16 06:46:14 CET 2016

Hi -

The main changes from v1.6.x are

  - passes Autobahn fuzzingserver

  - extension apis rewritten and made independent of extension support 
in library at buildtime

  - permessage-deflate extension, now operates on fixed (user-settable) 
input and output buffer streams instead of needing to allocate whole 
compressed / decompressed size

  - Header processing pool with queuing to gain access, instead of 
unlimited malloc as connection needs

  - utf8 checking support for TEXT messages

  - Close apis to do a controlled close from user code with code and 
message, and to process incoming close codes and messages via new 
callback; test server has new html section to test it

  - ECDH cert support

  - experimental multithreaded service support (you can try it in 
pthreads test server)

  - new api to allow adopting foreign sockets into lws service for 
integration existing foreign listener

  - support for libuv event loop library as well as existing libev

  - LWS_SEND_BUFFER_POST_PADDING no longer needed

  - improvements around http/1.1 keepalive pipelining

  - new release-checklist hopefully improved release process (this has 
also gone on v1.7-stable branch already)

See the changelog for more info.

*** Please help me out and take a minute to send a screenshot of your 
app some info about it, and a link to your site so I can add it to the 
updated libwebsockets.org image gallery.  So far I got a 0.5% response 
rate from ml subscribers... ***


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