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Andy Green andy at warmcat.com
Mon Feb 22 14:46:28 CET 2016

On February 22, 2016 9:32:31 PM GMT+08:00, Andrejs Hanins <andrejs.hanins at ubnt.com> wrote:
>Just as a heads up, not sure yet the reason, but with v1.7.1 I get
>LWS_CALLBACK_CHANGE_MODE_POLL_FD with fd = -1. There is also no
>LWS_CALLBACK_ADD_POLL_FD for that lws pointer. So it seems like
>something is subtly broken.

How could I reproduce that?  Test-server-extpoll doesn't give -1 fd (it's 'invalid fd') at the change callback when tested with chrome, for example.


>    Everything is fine with v1.6.1
>BR, Andrey
>On 02/20/2016 03:34 AM, Andy Green wrote:
>> Hi -
>> I have been tracking master with v1.7-stable branch except for
>patches that affect the API, it's early days but that has worked out
>well... it's the first time we had a stable branch contemporary with
>the release.  I guess that will slow down as the branches diverge.
>> The point release is necessitated by a small but annoying bug with
>http/1.1 keepalive when lws is returning errors, the connection could
>not close but had to wait for a timeout from the peer.  This bug had
>been there for a while but was hidden by lws closing the connection
>needlessly.  Now it acts well for close this also needed fixing.
>> Now we really properly support normal "official CA" certs now with
>top class ECDH cipher and SSLLABS grading (A+) on the test server.
>> from v1.7.1:./changelog --->
>> v1.7.1
>> ======
>> NB: No API change since v1.7.0
>> Fixes
>> -----
>> 1) MAJOR (Windows-only) fix assert firing
>> 2) MAJOR http:/1.1 connections handled by  lws_return_http_status()
>did not
>> get sent a content-length resulting in the link hanging until the
>peer closed
>> it.  attack.sh updated to add a test for this.
>> Changes
>> -------
>> 1) MINOR test-server gained some new switches
>>    -C <file>  use external SSL cert file
>>    -K <file>  use external SSL key file
>>    -A <file>  use external SSL CA cert file
>>    -u <uid>  set effective uid
>>    -g <gid>  set effective gid
>> together you can use them like this to have the test-server work with
>> usual purchased SSL certs from an official CA.
>>    --ssl -C your.crt -K your.key -A your.cer -u 99 -g 99
>> 2) MINOR the OpenSSL magic to setup ECDH cipher usage is implemented
>in the
>> library, and the ciphers restricted to use ECDH only.
>> Using this, the lws test server can score an A at SSLLABS test
>> 3) MINOR STS (SSL always) header is added to the test server if you
>use --ssl.  With
>> that, we score A+ at SSLLABS test
>> 4) MINOR daemonize function (disabled at cmake by default) is updated
>to work
>> with systemd
>> 5) MINOR example systemd .service file now provided for test server
>> (not installed by default)
>> -Andy
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