[Libwebsockets] Initiating a write to select clients

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Sat Jan 30 13:21:24 CET 2016


My websockets server will have a number of clients connected to it
simultaneously.  Each client will be interested in different information.
The server will send data to the clients under 2 conditions: periodic
updates, or on detection changed data.  Different clients will request
updates at different intervals e.g., a phone with limited bandwidth might
request updates every 10 seconds, but a desktop browser might request
updates every 1 second.  How do I initiate writing to select clients using
libwebsockets?  I may be mistaken, but the sample programs only show
sending of data in response to receiving data, or sending data periodically
to all clients (not specific clients).  Also, is it possible to access the
per-session data outside of the callback?

Thank you.
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